The Big Bang Show.

Uh, I’m not that big a Big Bang fan so I skipped around but the parts that I REALLY watched were the Secret Garden parody “Secret Big Bang” and the performance of “Tonight” so I’m only blogging parts 3 – 6. xD
[The “Tonight” perf is in the last part and under the cut so I’ll just leave this note here:
OH MY GOD THE POOR GUITAR TT__________________TT]

Secret Big Bang starts @ 8:07

Dude I haven’t even watched Secret Garden but I found this SOOOOOO HILARIOUSSSSSS. Oh my gosh. xD Oh and their REACTIONS are as funny as the parody! TOP looked so embarrassed LOL. G-Dragon as Ra Im is freaking brilliant… xD He was hilarious. Him and his fake chest and his wig and just the way he acted. xD It was pretty cute.

But wow I feel sorry for TOP >_> he had to kiss two of them. Idk I’m not so much for the guy-guy scene so I’m not really.. xD;;;;; Nothx. I just feel bad for them LOL.


February 27, 2011. Big Bang.

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