110218 Music Bank

IU – The Story Only I Didn’t Know

Beautiful. <3 And she is such a goddess. D: And so young and so talented.
I like her dress >w>

Dalmatian – That Man Opposed

I used to just watch their Round 1 performances not really knowing who was who… BUT NOW I KNOW! :D :D
Homg I didn’t know Daniel was such a good singer. ^^

They’re all so pro. ;_; How are they rookies? Every single member is so good and so stable and just wow.. PROFESSIONAL. And the rappers sing well too! And ALFJWEKLJSL I LOVE THIS SONG. Okay I am so loving Dalmatian’s comeback. Lol.

Coin Jackson – Feedback

Honestly I was disappointed by them. ^^;;; They were called a HIP HOP ACAPELLA group.
Um…. I’m not sure if this is hip hop x: And I’m sorry but where did acapella go? O_O -searches-

Not really LOVING the song but wow their voices are very strong! :] They’re good at singing. But the rapping kinda irritates me. x:

5Dolls – I Mean You

Secret – Shy Boy (ft. Teen Top)

Teen Top – Supa Luv (Remix)


February 19, 2011. 5Dolls, Co-Ed, Coin Jackson, Dalmatian, IU, Performance, Secret, Teen Top.

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