Dream High – Ep 9


Credit: darksmurfsub / natnatvip

So after those 200 days, K comes back to the Academy and things have changed a lot. O: Hyemi [Suzy] has changed a lot for the good. :] Pilsook is now IU’s skinny self but her personality has changed too as she became more independent and critical. Jingook [Taecyeon] is also able to admit that he has feelings for Hyemi. Oh and he has rabid fangirls crowding around his house. -___- I really don’t see how they DIDN’T SEE HIM during that one scene.

It kinda befuddles me though O__o Baekhee [Eunjung], Jingook [Taecyeon], and Jason [Wooyoung] have DEBUTED. Like LEGIT debut and their group K even won 1st place on Music Bank. So they’re pretty much celebrities now but it feels so weird.. D: To have them back in their uniforms and for school to go on as usual. You just kinda forget that they even debuted. And they don’t really watch their actions either–shouldn’t they be more conscious since they’re now known public figures? D: I mean Baekhee [Eunjung] was acting pretty bitchy.. in public.
And they never showed what song they debuted with? ‘Cause it’s like they just SAY “Hey we’re debuting” then have a time skip and say “‘Sup, we debuted.” It doesn’t even feel like they debuted with a song or anything.
And they’re an official group but their teamwork is that bad? They don’t even seem to like each other.. I wonder what kind of image they have and how they handled being on shows.
And Jingook [Taecyeon] isn’t.. exactly.. ;_; fantastic at singing. Makes me wonder.
And that one girl that had Pilsook [IU] dub over her CF CANNOTT SINGG AT ALLL. I really really REALLY wonder.
And how on earth were they able to debut so fast? They weren’t even at the Academy that long. I mean after ONE showcase, they get casted into an entertainment company and it’s like they didn’t even TRAIN. They just went straight to debut. Ahhhh it makes no sense to me! xDD

Oh and this ep is pretty much all about the Dance of the Year competition.


February 4, 2011. 2PM, Dramas, IU, Miss A, T-ara.

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