110129 We Got Married – Yonghwa <3 Seohyun 42

Credit: SONEms Subs

Their visit to Busan and meeting with Yonghwa’s friends is continued and finished up. :3

I LOOOOOVE part 3. They’re back home and just the entire part is so sweet. <3 He makes her breakfast, wakes her up, they make a call to his mother, all complete with them playing footsies. You can see they’ve improved so much ^^ They’re so comfortable with each other. I think Yonghwa is the only guy that could ever get this close to Seohyun, ’cause we all know she pretty much did not mix with guys before this program.

I think the best part though is after they take the selca and he realizes that she’s wearing the necklace he bought and starts teasing her. xDD It’s so cute. And their eye contact is always so ♥


January 30, 2011. C.N. Blue, Reality Show, SNSD.

One Comment

  1. seokykyu replied:

    I love part 3 too..
    They’re really2 close…
    I hope their relationship and their feeling to each other isn’t a fake..
    Eyes can’t lie..
    I can see that yong is really happy with the openness of seo..
    Yongseo Jjang….!!!

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