110121 Music Bank

DBSK – Why (Keep Your Head Down)

They so deserved to win <3
It’s so amazing that the fanchants are so loud and spirited. ^^ I’m glad they have so much support.
Changmin was extremely cute during the “Now I’m just chillin, feel like I’m healin~” line. Idk why I really like that part.

Orange Caramel – Still…

YESSSS. Ballad!OrangeCaramel is hereeee! ^^ I looove that although their concept is extreme cuteness and catchy upbeat aegyo songs, they can all sing really well. I’m glad that after A~ing, they’re gonna promote this song ’cause now people will be able to see what they can do. :] They all look and sound GORGEOUS.

And I didn’t know that Raina wrote and composed this song! That’s amazing!

G.NA – Miss You Already + Black & White

So much respect for her. *___*

Popsicle (Dae Guk Nam Ah) – I’ll Love You Until it Snows in the Middle of a Summer Day

It still befuddles me that Mika just stands in the middle of the stage with a mic while everyone dances around him… I mean, Karam is dancing and he’s still singing great!

Infinite – Before the Dawn

Amajjing ♥

Secret – Shy Boy

Amajjing as well~


January 21, 2011. After School, Dae Guk Nam Ah, Dong Bang Shin Ki, G.NA, Infinite, Orange Caramel, Performance, Popsicle, Secret.

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