It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter – Ep 5, 6, 7

;__; The Choi brothers–Wook Ki [Donghae], Hyuk Ki, and Duk Ki–are so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time…
The line “If you are like this, Duk Ki will be heartbroken in heaven” just tugs at the heartstrings. ;_;

There are so many despicable people in this drama. >_______> Lol.
And everyone keeps being obsessed about money.
Honestly this drama is a huge sobfest. It’s like one bad thing happening right after another and you just hate so many people and you just feel bad for so many innocent people… Everyone’s lives have been ruined! D:< It’s really hard to keep watching but I think I still will watch.

And I think that that guy’s sister is actually secretly his daughter… ._. Makes me wonder how old he really is….

On another note, I looove all the scenes that Minhyuk and Donghae are in together.

Minhyuk’s like, “Eodi ga… … yo?”
‘Cause see, he speaks informally and then realizes that Donghae’s older so he adds the “yo” to make it formal. ;w; And that scene is just so cute. Just so cute.

AND AND. WHERE DONGHAE’S LIKE, “I am your hyung! You are 20, I am 24. You have your permit, I have my license! Okay?”
The “okay?” xDDD in English.. SO CUTE. THESE TWO ARE SO PRECIOUS.


December 26, 2010. 4Minute, C.N. Blue, Dramas, Super Junior.

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  1. Shayna replied:

    Thanks for posting this review. I have been scouring the net looking for a good quote, and you’re right – “If you are like this, Duk Ki will be heartbroken in heaven” is a beautiful line. ^^ You see, I feel a special connection with Duk Ki and so I am making a video in a kind of “his story” way, and I would like the use that quote. But I can’t remember who said it. Hyuk Ki or Wook Ki? Please let me know soon by emailing me. It would be a great help! Gamsahamnida!

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