SNSD BTS @ Golden Disk Awards

At first I was like, “This video is too long D: and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be interesting.. And it seems too stalkerish since it shows SNSD’s every move. ._.”

But in the end, I thought it was interesting. And I watched it til the end. LOL
It pretty much shows SNSD’s every reaction and their every interaction with others during the awards show. xDDDD
They’re really supportive of others, especially of Super Junior, SHINee, and C.N. Blue.

There’s a lot of YongSeo xD like Yonghwa mouthing the “So Nyeo Shi Dae!” chant during SNSD’s perf, and Seohyun doing the “love love love” gesture during C.N. Blue’s perf.
4:58 – SNSD teasing Seohyun, after C.N. Blue wins an award :D

And lol, that Yoo Ah In-IU moment… [See, IU said recently that Yoo Ah In is her ideal type, so Park Minyoung is like, “There’s a little fun thing I heard recently and I don’t know if she’s here, but IU said that Yoo Ah In is her ideal type,” and Yoo Ah In’s like, “:DDDDDD IU-sshi, I love you. I love you too!”] Too bad IU only said he’s her ideal type because her mom wants her to stop talking about Taeyang. :P


December 23, 2010. C.N. Blue, IU, SNSD, Super Junior.

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