Super Junior-M – Tong Hua & Henry!violin

I was only skimming through this show [it’s not too interesting ;w;] ’cause I’ve never seen it before and I’m a somewhat rabid SJM fan LOL and this part caught my attention immediately.


[091224 Let’s Make a Friend
Credit: couchpotato812]

They sing a part of Guang Liang’s “Tong Hua” (Fairytale) <3333333
;___; Soooo nostalgic…

And then Henry plays “Sorry Sorry” on his violin, guitar-style. OMG. SO COOL. <3 Henryyy~<3
SJM’s upcoming album BETTER have some Henry!violin on it or else that’s a waste of his talent. D:<

He continues playing violin in this next part :] 0:59 – 1:35 !! OH. MY. GOD. Blows my mind every time!

SJM singing Tong Hua @ 081227 Hong Kong Concert

♥ nostalgic.
My only complaint about this fancam is that it cuts off before Hangeng sings the very last line. >_< </3

December 22, 2010. Super Junior, Super Junior-M.

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