[Cover] BeBe Mignon – Oppa Babo 오빠바보

Plugging ’cause I can. :P

[Cover] BeBe Mignon – Oppa Babo 오빠바보

I seriously love this talented, underrated, gorgeous, down-to-earth group. :D
I HAD to cover this song even though probably nobody’ll watch it ’cause BeBe Mignon is so underrated. ;w; Just a warning that I’m not Korean and I’m N-O-W-H-E-R-E near the level of their singing.

The instrumental had absolutely no backtrack, so every voice is mine~
And sorry the ad libs at the end are so so so weak D; because my range is really limited.

I plan to tweet this video to Ben later :3 because she, Hae Geum, and Ga Eul are really sweet and reply to tweets from fans. ^^ And Ben is even following me. So we’ll see! I’m excited just thinking that a BeBe Mignon member might watch this ;____;


December 16, 2010. BeBe Mignon, Covers.


  1. Bibha Says replied:


    This cover is amaaaaaaaaaaazing. It’s SO GOOD. It’s comparable to the original! PLEASE GO TRY OUT FOR SMENT. lol. Anyways, I have absolutely NO singing talent (but I love music…sigh), so I’m uber jealous of this cover! It’s basically perfect, because you sang it beautifully in YOUR voice. I applaud you :D
    I recently got into bebe mignon..but I’m planning to check out ALL of their other songs. Anyways…sorry for boring you, great cover again. FIGHTING! :)

  2. Bibha Says replied:

    P.S. are you Korean?

    • waterpixie replied:

      AWW Thank youu! ^^ No, I’m not Korean. I’m actually Chinese lol.

      Thank you thank you so much! :D I appreciate it~

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