101212 Inkigayo 600th Episode

S.M. The Ballad – Hot Times

D: Wut, they performed Hot Times without Jay?! And I just realized the reason Jay’s been missing a lot is because he’s in the drama President with Sungmin~ But then Kyuhyun is in a The Three Musketeers musical right now. O: He must be busy as hell..

Anyway, Jonghyun covers Jay’s little rap parts and they cut out the rap segment. D: Poor Jonghyun; his voice gave in a bit in this perf..

And dayuum, I’m pretty biased towards Kyu, Jonghyun, and Jay–Kyu especially ’cause I love Super Junior and he’s one of my favorites–but I think… in S.M. The Ballad, Jino is my favorite. :D He seriously just keeps growing on me and impressing me. I’m glad he gets to smile in this song ’cause he looks cutest smiling ^^

After School – Love Love Love

:D The song’s so cute and perfect for Christmas! I feel bad for Jung-Ah. D: I barely saw her at all and she used to be the main vocalist before Raina joined.
Lizzy looks especially cute/gorgeous, I think. *__*

Trot Special Stage

After School’s Lizzy, T-ara’s Soyeon, SISTAR’s Hyorin
SHINee’s Key, 2AM’s Jinwoon & Changmin

YAY SPECIAL STAGE! 8D And I like who’s in this! I love Lizzy and Soyeon, and Hyorin’s SUCH a good singer. And of course Jinwoon and Changmin can sing well O: I’m surprised Key is in this though since he was never known for his vocals, but I love him too. xD

MCs Yonghwa, Sulli, Jo Kwon with guest MC Heechul

-them imitating Yonghwa and his “Love love love!”
-Sulhee siblings!
-Sulli, why so pretty *__*
-HEECHUL AND JO KWON SINGING “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” WITH SSANTI LMAOOOOOOO They are SUCH a great duo! It reminds me so much of Family Outing Season 2 xD


December 14, 2010. 2AM, After School, C.N. Blue, f(x), Jino, Performance, S.M. The Ballad, SHINee, SISTAR, Super Junior, T-ara.

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