Super Junior – “Don’t Don” Dance Practice

Wow this is so old ;__; it’s with all 13 members. <3
And wow I just had a rerealization that these guys are pretty hot. O_O Lol I’m just so used to thinking of them as cute or handsome. Meh. [Just a thought but Ryeowook looks awkward doing this dance. xDD And I’m still not a fan of pelvic thrusts.]

!!! At 1:35, Kyuhyun and Henry walk out!!
Poor Kyubaby ;____; this was when he was still recovering from his almost-fatal car accident.. >_____< I still admire him for wanting to perform with his groupmates even with his health like that.

And omg Henryyyy <3 that just made the video even better for me. xD VIOLIN <3 Although it cuts off right after his part starts..
And this was the song during which he was hated by most ELF ;_; when they chanted “Only 13” whenever he came out.. >__< He’s come a long way. :]


December 11, 2010. Super Junior, Super Junior-M.

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