SNSD – Genie + Gee (Japanese) @ Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ

OMG I LOVE THE AUDIO QUALITY. Their voices sound so clear that when Taeyeon and Jessica were doing their beginning, I almost couldn’t tell that they were singing live. Oh and of course they sound really good, so that helps. :]

My gosh these girls are all gorgeous and they can sing well *_____* Although Sunny was a bit off but the only reason was because she was trying to bring out the cute sides of her for the Japanese audience. x_____X But she actually can sing really, really well. It’s too bad.

And Tiffany’s still out with her injury, so Seohyun did her little English intro in Gee. AWW SHE’S SO CUTE. And her English is good. :3


December 6, 2010. Performance, SNSD.

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